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How to Prepare Your House to Sell

Keeping Your Home Inspection Ready

Putting your home on the market is an exciting time in any person’s life. Most people will want to sell their properties as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will be left having to keep your home immaculately clean for weeks and even months on end.

Here at South Coast Property Specialists, we have compiled a list of some tips for those who are selling their homes to stay on top of keeping their homes inspection-ready.

Have Pets? Relocate Them (If Possible)

Even if your pet is well behaved, having pets in the home can scare off potential buyers who are afraid of pets or are worried that your pet has done damage to the home. If you can send your pet to a friend’s home or to the kennel for a week, it could benefit you and speed up the selling process.

Check Out the Photos You Posted

Use the photos that show off your home as a check list. This way when potential home buyers walk into your home, it will look like the photos that are posted.

Clean As You Go

Create a plan with your family about every person’s daily jobs to keep the house clean. Make sure the beds are made every morning, the dishes are put away, and any toothpaste is cleaned off the vanities in the bathroom. Also, empty the rubbish every day so there isn’t a bad smell in your home.

Last But Not Least...Move Out

This is not an option for every family, but this will help keep your home immaculate without having to keep up with daily chores. Consider staying with friends, at a hotel, or even an Airbnb.

South Coast Property Specialists are here to answer all of your questions and to give you more advice when it comes to selling your property. Call us today!

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